Research interest

  • Hydrogel microparticles

  • Stop Flow Lithography

  • Droplet microfluidics

  • DNA detection


  • Yoon Ho Roh, Ju Yeon Kim, Seok Joon Mun, Hye Sun Lee, Changhyun Hwang, Kyong Hwa Park and Ki Wan Bong* "Direct Conjugation of Streptavidin to Encoded Hydrogel Microparticles for Multiplex Biomolecule Detection with Rapid Probe-Set Modification.", Polymers (2020), 12, 546.

  • Wookyoung Jang† , Jiwoo Kim†, Seok Joon Mun, Sun Min Kim, Ki Wan Bong* "Highly Magnetized Encoded Hydrogel Microparticles with Enhanced Rinsing Capabilities for Efficient microRNA Detection", Biomedicines (2021), 9, 848.

  • Ju Yeon Kim†, Seok Joon Mun†, Yoon Ho Roh, Ki Wan Bong* "Rapid colorimetric analysis of multiple microRNAs using encoded hydrogel microparticles", Analyst (2021), 146, 5508.